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Technical Information

Skyship 600 B

Hull volume 7200 m³
Carrier gas Helium (non-flammable)
Length 61 m
Height 20.3 m
Max. hull diameter 15.3 m
Cabin length 11.6 m
Cabin width 2.6 m
Seats 2 + max. 13
Standard atmosphere, flight altitude 900 m
Max. load 1'200 kg
Max. available fuel 600 kg
Number of engines 2
Power 2 x 225/250 PS
Speed (no wind) 0 up to 80 km/h /50 kts
Cruising speed 50 km/h / 30 kts
Max. range (standard configuration) 1000 km

How high can the airships fly?

Our airships normally operate at around 1,500 to 3,000 feet. We can, however, go up to 8,000 but the payload is reduced.

How fast does the airship go?

We normally cruise around 30 to 50 mph., but we can go up to 70 mph (or faster, if we have a tailwind!).

Fuel Consumption

While cruising at 30 knots, the Skyship consumes 8 gallons (48 lbs.) of fuel per hour. During a week of operations, the Skyship consumes less fuel than a 767 uses to simply move away from it's gate to a runway!!

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