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Airship SurveillanceEver since the first airship flight in 1852, these aerial vehicles have been used in security and surveillance operations all over the world.

In modern days airships provide for a unique and stable platform for sensitive sensors, gyro-stabilized cameras, radio and/or video relays and down links for numerous civilian and military operations. High lift capability, long flight endurance, low vibration, low maintenance and spacious interiors are just some of the qualities why airships are chosen by Police, Armed forces and Scientist all over the world.

During the past 100 years, airships have played an important role in the security of borders, ports, political and sporting events such as the Olympics and others.

Skyship Cruise Ltd operated both of its Skyship 600s for the 2004 Olympics in Athens. Serial number 1215-05 as a security aerial vehicle in conjunction with the local police force and the other 1215-02 as a camera platform for the broadcasting firm NBC.

Airship Surveillance Airship Surveillance


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