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2002 Summer Consulting, concept development for the use and operation of an airship for passenger service at the Swiss national fair Expo 02 and advertisement for Interdiscount.

2002-2003 Winter Advertising Tour to Dominican Republic for Ron Brugal
2003 Summer Passenger Operation in Buochs, Switzerland
2004 Summer Passenger Operation in Buochs, Switzerland.
Athens Olympics: Camera platform for security forces and TV camera platform for NBC
2005 Summer Passenger Operation in Buochs, Switzerland.
2006 Summer Passenger Operation and Skoda European Tour
2006-2007 Winter The Palm European Tour
2007 Summer Allegro Polish Tour

Skyship Cruise Ltd. has established itself as a leading airship company throughout Europe, with a highly qualified team with more than 20 years of experience in aerial advertising, sightseeing passenger service, suveillance/security and consulting.

The company was founded on September 3, 1996 as a limited company according to Swiss law and is located in Lindau near Zurich, Switzerland. Skyship Cruise Ltd. has developed a one-stop "Full Service" offer including consulting, concept development and implementation.


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